Black & White Portrait study

Hi Guys,

I have been really busy recently, nervously getting myself ready for a Photography Workshop with the beautiful Brooke Shaden, which is being held in Melbourne later this week, as well as launching my online Black & White Portrait painting classes.

During the live Skills Sessions held at my art studio, that these online sessions are based on, I have enjoyed guiding small groups of students step by step through creating their own life like portraits.

As I demonstrated the techniques to be put to use, I was able to create my own Portrait as a guide for those attending. This was so awesome, because it is a rare opportunity for me to be able to just enjoy painting for the sake of painting as opposed to creating a series of works for Gallery representation.

The sense of relief was grand and I think eminent in the feeling that comes across in the finished piece. I love its rough edges and deep eyes and I especially love the freckles:

B & W Portrait of Zoe

The following is an image of the finished piece in full:


B & W Portrait zoe in full

At just $20 you can sign in for the first part of this course. If you would like to take part in this online course please fill in the form below to join in the fun!