Shortlisted for the BLUETHUMB Art Competition!

Hi guys,

Some very exciting news to be announced… my beautiful piece “A Drop of Enchantment” has been short listed for the Annual BLUETHUMB Australian Art Competition. The top 100 can be found here.

Here’s hoping for some great success in this exciting competition. Finalists will be selected on the 4th November.

Some exciting new aviator paintings are currently in the evolutionary phase on easels in the art studio. My paintings are evolving a little slower than they have previously but with a little more delight and magic. Time is a precious thing and so is health and so I am trying to learn to devote a little time to all aspects of my life where my attention is needed. But despite this I am still very excited to be bringing you more and more paintings and composited photographs that bring warmth and delight to your soul and a smile to your face.

Behind the scenes I am also currently designing a new range of labels for a local business and their product range. This is a very exciting project and I can’t wait to lift the veil on this incredible collaboration.

Talk soon,

x Tara Spicer.

Auction and Opportunity

Art Auction  – Sunshine Coast. QLD.

Hosted by Mix FM, the annual Give Me 5 For Kids ART AUCTION.

Mix FM’s Give Me Five For Kids ART AUCTION ! Tuesday June 14 from 6pm at the brand new Garry Crick VW showroom in Maroochydore. More than 50 art works in a no reserve live and silent auction…come for a drink and look – it’s free – and absolutely every cent you spend goes to helping sick kids and their families on the Sunshine Coast. Last bids at 8.15pm.

I am donating one of my brand new, Limited Edition Fine Art Composited Prints:

“Tales Untold”

Tales Untold ARTISTS PROOF small

Tara Spicer – ‘Tales Untold’
Size: approx: 80 x 60cm
Archival Ink Printed to Fine Art Rag
Matted and frame

This print “Tales Untold” is based on the yet untold adventures of the life of my daughter. I find it amazing to look ahead into her future and wonder what experiences she might have and how life may unfold for her. I am scared for her and excited for her and I hope that life is kind to her and that it is packed with so much love and friendship and delight and strength and empowerment and oh so much more… but despite the hopes that I grip firmly in my hand and heart… in reality, it is all unknown and it is hers alone, to journey through.

This particular piece features my daughter, herself… a cat that lives near the local primary school that comes to say goodmorning most mornings and a Rainbow Bee Eater that nests at Yaroomba Parklands. I feature only locals and people who have personally crossed my path  within all of my works. It is important to me to include locals within this magical process to enable others to see themselves in a completely new way. To me , this adds value to the piece for both its added locally based roots as well as making the life of another a little exciting.

The framing of this particular print has been donated by Deck The Walls picture framing and the print was expertly printed for me by Display Art Imaging.

I am also donating an original oil painting… the last of my own stock!


Some of these paintings, I never thought i would part with as I imagined they would stay in our family, but I feel that it is better to add fortitude to an opportunity to pass solution, relief and happiness on to others who are in need! And that is exactly what the money raised through the art auction enables.

To Add to the excitement of this month… one of my works has been featured in Art Edit Magazine!:

This art magazine is packed full of art investment advice, articles on fantastic Australian artists (this month one of our own locals’ Lisa Lee is featured as well), tips on hanging works and insights into current artists and exhibitions. This is my favorite art magazine and I highly recommend putting a pot of tea on before you immerse yourself within its’ pages because you will be there for a while!

You can get your own copy of this Month’s Issue now at Newsagents throughout Australia.

“Tiny Tara”

Get your hands on a “Tiny Tara” and bring a smile to your home’s face!!!! If you have a love of small and fine things, these Hand Embellished Giclee Prints are just what the Doctor ordered.

Each Print is created with Archival Ink and then hand embellished, signed and numbered by the artist.

Just head to to get your fix today!

i am so excited to be able to offer these prints to you… they have been 10 years in the making!!!
Tara Spicer.

My artistic vision…

Pics from the studio...
Pics from the studio…

Hi all, and thankyou for following my site, my career and my epic journey on this artistic life path. Wow, what a mouthfull of an intro 🙂 . But it is for a cause. It is the new year and as I was teaching one of my art students last night when she inquired as to whether I had made any New Year’s resolutions for 2013… you know, I had not even taken a single second to think about it! Not even on the first day of the year between early morning yoga and the glistening sun later that day at Noosa Beach. This came as little bit of a shock to me as I am the sort of person who would normally make a very conscious and considered effort to take the time and space to ‘time out’ and sit down… to surround myself with crystals and candles… to do a quiet and focused meditation and basically sort my soul out while transcendent hippy music soothes my senses softly in the background!

But not this year! This year just slipped in quietly and unnoticed between my toast and morning cuppa!

So I made the concerted decision to “better late than never” sort myself out last night and to make sure that I was still ‘in the flow’ for 2013. I rummaged through some of my older stuff to try and re-discover my intent for my artistic career and what I HAVE to share with YOU… and to my absolute unbounded artistic joy… this is what I found, written in the archives of long ago, straight from my heart:

“I believe that painted images have the power to create s shift within a person, not unlike a song or a well read story, that changes the person from that moment on. It is in this belief that I create the works that I do, in the hope that I can bring warmth, magic and hope to those who love my work… That on some level, the viewer is moved and their faith in this world and their own light is restored and inspired.” Tara Spicer

WOW. I could not have said it any better!

So I welcome each of you warmly with heart felt genuine intention that it some gentle or even bold manner… through my artworks and though my intentions throughout 2013, that you are ‘moved’ and that you are ‘inspired’ by what you find here.

Love and Light,

Tara Spicer – Artist.


* Pics from my first piece for 2013

*HOW TO – generate your own’ creative composition‘!

* HOW TO – paint your own creative composition masterpiece in oils





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Hello and Welcome

Hello and welcome to Tara Spicer Art Blog!

This is my new space, ‘behind my easel’ where you can watch all the real magic happen.

Here is where you will get a sneak peek at the creative engine behind the deep whimsy within my beautiful Fine Art Oil Paintings, as well as gain insight into some clever and creative painting tips.

I wish a warm welcome to all Collector’s, Curator’s and Creative Candles out there in the wind who have found their way to my blog.


Title: The Path… the Show, Sacred Law and the Timeless Crow.
Medium: Oil on Gallery Linen
Size:150 x 100 x 3cm

My website is where you will find a catalogue of my most recent works as well as some limited edition Canvas Prints.

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Please enjoy.

Tara Spicer, Artist.