About Tara Spicer Art

Australian artist, Tara Spicer offers beautiful and surreal works of a deeply whimsical nature.

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Tara’s works portray qualities of great beauty, strength and connection using images of local people from her own day to day life, captured in symbolic and meaningful scenarios.

 “I believe that painted images have the power to create s shift within a person, not unlike a song or a well read story, that changes the person from that moment on. Viewing a painting, should be like taking a vacation within ones own sense of self… to a place that they would rather be”
Tara Spicer.

2015-10-23 05.54.12

Through this blog you will uncover and even become a part of her creative engines that start turning even before the blank canvas hits the easel! Sneak a peek at her most recent works, newest products as well as learning great tips and tricks of the art trade.

Tara’s website

Tara’s facebook

Tara’s Gallery Representation:

Lethbridge Gallery, Brisbane, Australia.

Gallery Beneath, Mooloolaba, Qld. Australia.

Online Store:

TaraSpicerArt prints available through Etsy

Tara’s contacts:



Take a peak at her gallery of works…

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