Paintings Sold & News to be told…

Breathing Space small
Breathing Space

Well… she was all packed to go, so I guess it should not be so hard to say good-bye to this beautiful oil painting “Breathing Space”! Yes, she was purchased at the opening of the Brisbane Rotary Arts Spectacular. I wish her well on her journey. I am pretty proud of this piece, it is extra special to me given that I was the model for this particular composition…

Breathing Space original photo

“Breathing Space”… I have been doing so much packing and moving and culling of possessions and setting up of prized possessions and articles of clothing of late. It has been at times exhausting and at times quite liberating. I find it interesting to take note of what it is that I keep, that I hold dear. My mum had recently given me an extremely old box of stuff that was wrapped in newspaper of the day, which I promptly put into storage without even glimpsing at. To now have the time to go through this box… I find that she has kept and carefully wrapped clay figures that I had made probably 30 years ago! Along with drawings I had done and books filled with writing and school projects. Yes, through all of my culling, these are the things that I have chosen to hold dear. As I handle them, I am instantly taken back to the time that I first made them or drew them. I find it interesting that it is such a strong connection to my past and who I was as a kid and who I wanted to be when I grew up! It is this ‘knowing’, that I have become the person that I wanted to become, the mother that I wanted to be, the artist that I dreamed of becoming… that gives me breathing space. I am relieved. I can stop trying so hard and start enjoying the present.  Sometimes our journey through life can be so hard, that we feel that we just want to keep our head in the clouds, not stick too close to reality, keep daydreaming and imagining up fantastical stories and adventures. Sometimes we feel as though we secretly might need to have our bags packed, ever at the ready, in case the wind changes direction and takes our mind or heart with it. But sometimes, just sometimes, the wind settles and the clouds clear and the breathing space that we need…. is right here at home. How nice.

Other news:

Prints have been selling through my Print Shop and I am excited to have introduced the first of my newly launched Fine Art Photographic prints:

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These beautiful Fine Art Prints come matted, ready for framing. The are printed with Archival Ink onto Photographic Rag Paper and are signed and numbered by myself personally. There are only 5 of these printed and sold EVER!!!!!!! They are selling at $220 each.

Art classes are going well and students are currently enjoying developing their skills in Black & White Portrait painting. If you are interested in attending classes, they are held on Tuesday and Friday each week at my studio in Yaroomba on the Sunshine Cast. You can contact me if you would like to book your place: PH:0417231350

If you can’t get to me… DON”T PANIC

I am now offering online workshops that you can check out here.

If you got this far down the text… thankyou so much for taking the time to read… I hope that you enjoyed what I had to share. I would love to hear from you if you would like to share your thoughts on what brings you your own personal sense of Breathing Space.

Tara Spicer.


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