New Exhibition at Lethbridge Gallery

I am so proud to present my newest series of works at Lethbridge Gallery in Brisbane, Australia. Here is a little teaser for you of one of the paintings from the series:

Flight CLass 101 scanned small

Flight Class 101

30″ x 40″

Oil on Raw Gallery Linen


Warming, spacious… a little nostalgic… who didn’t love making paper planes as a kid and who isn’t besotted with the freedom of flight? This kid is learning from two Rainbow Bee-Eaters’… the best in the business.

This series took more than six months of work. At the same time, our home was being renovated!!! Thankfully, I was still able to immerse myself into the creative world to escape the scaffolding and steady flow of people and crumbling ceiling plaster… I did begin to create some interesting ideas during the renovation phase though… I wonder what the next series will be based on?

Under Construction small

Under Construction

Com-posited Photography

Prints available upon request, prices according to size required.¬†Hopefully I will be blogging again soon… This is a new product that I am very excited to offer! I look forward to your feedback… please be gentle as this work, in particular “Under Construction”, is a self-portrait! Love-tiques much appreciated.

Warm Regards,

Tara Spicer.


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