What’s going on?

Hello and welcome again into my studio. Well the renovations have begun to slow here at my studio and I am slowly re-discovering my paint pots and brushes! I even found one of my art students hiding behind an easel the other day!!! In the meantime, much has happened both on and off the canvas and I thought I might do a little ‘show and tell’.

I recently whipped up and delivered this new commissioned work to its’ very happy new owners… a bathtub nude for a bathroom entrance… just perfect:

“Lucky Ducky”

Lucky Ducky detail duck Lucky Ducky detail nude Lucky Ducky in home

Oil painting onto Marine Ply. Just so beautiful and glossy. Thankyou so much to my now very good friend, for posing for this painting 🙂

I also now have two new works availble for purchase through and on display at Sensaura Day Spa at Noosa

Current Works on Display at Sansura Day Spa Noosa.
Current Works on Display at Sensaura Day Spa Noosa.

These works are both Original Oil Paintings on Gallery Linen. Sized at 40 x 30 inches each, they are a pure delight for the senses and priced at $1200.00 each they are a real bargain for your own home or office space.

In other news, 2 more paintings have sold through Gallery Beneath at Mooloolaba. Thankyou to my valued buyers and I know that you will enjoy your recent purchase for years to come.

Better Off
Better Off
The Path, the Show, the Time Keeper and the Crow!
The Path, the Show, the Time Keeper and the Crow!

In their place, I am in the finishing stages of 3 new works… one of which may have already sold while the paint is still wet!!! To be available soon through Gallery Beneath:

A Hard Act to Follow Original Oil Painting on Gallery Linen 40 x 30 inches $2800.00

‘A Hard Act to Follow’

‘Sweetening the Deal’

Original Oil Painting on Gallery Linen

30 x 40 inches


‘Bush Rehearsal of the Travelling Circus’

Original Oil Painting on Gallery Linen

30 x 40 inches


I am still taking entries to my Unique Art Book Competition and I would like to Thank all of my followers who have shared and liked my recent post in the hopes of winning a copy of the book. The raffle is being drawn on March 14th 2013, so you still have a chance to enter if you like :-)… simply share or like this post through wordpres or facebook, and you too will be in the running.

Coming soon… a new ‘how-to’ video and discussions on symbolism and other arty obsessions 🙂

I hope you can join me,

Tara Spicer



WIN a unique Book!


Seriously good news! You have the chance to win a beautiful and totally unique book featuring beautiful artworks and photos from the art studio of Tara Spicer Art! Hand signed and packed with goodness, to win this book, all you need to do is ‘like’ or ‘share’ or ‘follow’ this post either through the blog or through facebook! Yippee, just follow the links… and please leave a comment if you need help!

The draw will be announced on the 14th March.
Tara Spicer.

A red what?

Why / How… the red wash.

red wash 1

This was a technique that I was taught by fellow artist “Warren Haney” when I had lessons with him some years ago, and it is a technique that I really love to work with . Originally taught to me for the use in acrylic painting, it is still a technique that I use today with oil painting. In fact… I really wouldn’t know where to start without it!


The red wash is done primarily over your sketch as the very first step to your painting process.

By brushing a streak free ‘tint’ over your sketch you are setting a ‘mid-tone’ to your work. From this mid-tone it is much much easier to begin the actual painting of your subject as all the lights are knocked back a tad.

Now you can start to ‘bring in’ or ‘paint in’ all the whites and lights in your painting. Set against the tinted background, this gives your painting a much more immediate ‘finished and rounded look, as the highlighted areas are really popping right off the canvas already! Using this technique also gives you a lot more feedback and a better suggestion of what your painting is going to look like when it is finished. I find it is much easier to stick to completing your painting when you love it at EVERY step, not just at the end!


Using the ‘red wash’ to underpaint your painting also seals in the graphite of your drawing so as not to stain the paint when you begin painting.


red wash 1

After finishing your drawing, either on paper OR on canvas… prepare your ‘red wash’. For my red wash, I use a small dab of Pyrolle Red Aterlier paint, roughly enough to just cover the tip of your finger. Place paint into a high sided container. I then add Atelier clear painting medium. This medium is milky white, but dries clear. Add around 80 mls of the medium to the paint. The consistency should be such that when you spread the medium over a sketch with a brush, that you have a nice, light tint over your sketch and can still see all the details of your sketch clearly.

red wash 2


When mixed, pour the wash over your sketch… very dramatic… I know!

red wash 3


Using a soft and hopefully ‘streak free’ brush like a Hake… spread the tint over your entire sketch…

red wash 4

Don’t panic… but DO continue to spread the tint without stopping. If you allow this stuff to even partially dry before you finish it can get very gluggy and patchy!

red wash 5


Hint: the larger your brush, the less streaks. Continue until you have a beautiful even coverage of your tint.


A beautiful ‘red wash’ over your painting to seal in your drawing and create a perfect mid-tone from which you can paint.


Oh well, I guess you will have to wait for my next post! But in the mean time, I would love to hear how you go with this technique if you try it 🙂

Warm Regards,

Tara Spicer.